Analysis of gas mixtures has always been presented with a challenging task in getting the need to produce accurate analytical results.  It requires more than one gas chromatographic column and sometimes more than one detector to run the analysis.  Users are constantly looking for easier and accurate ways to analyze these samples.  To provide these solutions, a proper multi-column configuration with the right detectors, columns and injection/switching systems is integrated into a single Gas Chromatograph.

Often the requirement in the industry seeks to look for a single Gas Analyzer that is able to characterize a very wide variety of gas mixtures that is obtained from production process or other sources.  This normally further complicates in the development of these Gas Analyzers.

Nareen provides a total solution package in customizing the Gas Chromatograph to the customer’s requirements and needs.  We can supply, modify or upgrade a generic Gas Chromatograph into a customized system GC, which is achieved by the integration of columns and valves. 

Moreover, for those customers who want to do more than one type of analysis but is restricted by only to do with one single GC, we can provide the answer to solve your problems.